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Our Purpose & Role

HRBA has been established to provide the following to the Hamilton region:

  • Provide leadership to the business community
  • Be a representative for Hamilton businesses
  • Promote an environment which enables businesses to flourish
  • Foster standards of excellence within the business community
  • Act as an independent non-political advisory group
  • Identify business needs
  • Influence training providers
  • Act as an information conduit to the Economic Development Unit
  • Drive prosperity

What we do

HRBA aims to represent the local business community by providing support and advocacy on all matters relevant to commerce the region; by creating networking opportunities and the chance to build partnerships; by sharing information through the member newsletter; and working with local Government and organisations to create campaigns encouraging shopping locally.

HRBA Mission

To grow HRBA as a dynamic, sustainable organisation which provides exceptional value for its members through its up to date and comprehensive information services, its advocacy and lobbying abilities and numerous projects which provide the growth and resources necessary to achieve its vision.

HRBA Vision

HRBA aspires to be the voice of local business and to represent the local business community by providing:

  • Support and represent Hamilton and Regional Business
  • Networking opportunities
  • A platform for members to build partnerships
  • Addressing local issues and act as a conduit to the Economics Development Unit and Government Agencies