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Hamilton Young Professionals are a group of young, and not so young, people from Hamilton and surrounding districts. Members include both long term Hamilton residents and new residents. Our members are employed in a wide range of fields including healthcare, agriculture, hospitality and education. Membership is free and open to any resident of Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Young Professional Networks exist in many regional cities in Victoria and all over Australia. They have been set up in recognition of the fact that new residents to towns such as Hamilton can find it hard to meet new people and form networks, both social and professional. This is particularly true when, as is often the case, the new residents do not play a sport such as football or netball, which is often the traditional way of networking in a town such as Hamilton.

What we do
The network is coordinated by the Hamilton Regional Business Association who organise a number of events throughout the year. These events are aimed to allow members to network both socially and professionally. Young Professional events provide new and existing residents in Hamilton and the wider district a variety of networking opportunities. This in turn makes it easier to attract and retain young people in the local area.

Many people who are in town for only a month or two, such as medical students on placements also attend Young Professionals while in town. Young Professionals gives them easy access to networks of other people in the Hamilton area, meaning a more enjoyable stay in Hamilton, and hopefully more reason to return.

Information regarding YP events and other events that may be of interest to members is communicated to members through Facebook, both in a closed group, and on a Public Page, as well as through regular emails. To join the emailing list, please email info@hrba.com.au.